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Afternoon Lunch - Now Available!
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Afternoon Lunch: A Melissa Banes Series

Melissa Banes is a middle age timid housewife who is married and endured years of a controlling and domineering husband, Warren. He is the only man she ever had sex with until now.


She discovers within herself an unbridled sexually and will not be denied.


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The Prose of a BDSM Fetish Mistress

Fetish Mistress, Goddess Rachel offers a collection of writings in the area of BDSM and various erotic fetishes involved. It's a unique perspective from an experienced dominatrix who have practiced the art of domination and control for many years.


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True Ghost Story Horrors

Most of the hellish ghostly events in the book centers around the apartment Goddess Rachel and her family lived in. In the 1970’s Goddess Rachel, her mother and siblings moved into an apartment that was converted from a doctor’s office. Years later it was speculated that the apartment might have been a funeral home before that.

How could a doctor’s office be so heavily haunted with such an intense and extreme infestation of ghosts?


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I really enjoyed these chilling tales . I recommend if you like ghost tales . Really creepy I just wished it were longer I kept wanting to read more about the Authors experiences.  …...Sassy


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